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Antique Ring solid 18K Gold Silver Sapphire Diamonds imitation US 7.5 / 2.4gr

T his ring has square shaped Silver on Gold crown set with emerald cut Blue Paste / special Glass imitating Blue Sapphire stone surrounded with 26 old diamond cut Paste settings that closely imitate Diamonds. Band hallmarked 765 for 18K /tested Orange Gold. This ring successfully imitates more expensive alternative with real Sapphire and Diamonds. […]

1920’s Diamond imitation Paste solid Sterling Silver Bracelet /18.5cm /17gr

B eautiful Flexible Antique Belle Epoque / Art Deco period foiled White Paste Bracelet of faux Diamond variety. Sterling Silver flowers decorated with foiled old European cut lead rich Strassers. This glass is special, it contains a lot of lead and this the lead makes its reflective index very close of that of true Diamonds. […]